Sunday, March 25, 2007


the short story "Geyluv" by Honorio De Dios. This story is quite influential in our society now. I remember, my dad used to tell me during his days, there were no gays or bisexual people. There are only two sexes, and these are male and female. Guys were not "that" vain like most of the guys right now. The more dirty and sweaty a guy is, the manlier he is. And if there would be a guy how tries to even think of how he looks, or try products to make him look handsome, that guy as automatically assumed as gay simply because of showing a hint if vanity. My dad, being an old fashion person would never be open to such things taking place in our society. I even heard him once that if he ever had a son that eventually become gay, he would not even think twice of persecuting him! No wonder why we don’t have any brother.. hmmm..

I liked this story because it tries to point out ways and reasons on why many individual in our society are becoming bisexual. As the story says, Mike is a guy and there was no doubt about it. But then, as he met Benjie who is gay, the softness of Mike gradually came out and at some point even fell in love with Benjie. They say that "gayness" is contagious, if a guy gets close to a gay eventually that guy would become gay because guys compete with each other, the higher the ego the manlier, but if they get to be with a gay eventually the guy would give in to his feelings just like with a woman except that that person he is with is gay. For Benjie, it is as if, as what most gays would say – I am a women trapped in a man’s body. I have nothing against gay people. But we would wonder why they have just appeared now, not 5 years ago or even ten years ago. It is because it is just now that we are accepting this kind of "evolution" in our society – as what they would call it. Well, obviously, we no longer can’t do anything about it. We accept it because it’s starting to become a part of our society’s norm.

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